Keynote Speech【1】

Yoshitaka Shibata

Distinguished Professor of Iwate Prefectural University, Japan


Campus Career

·   Iwate Prefectural University Faculty of Software and Information Science, Professor, 1998.04 -

·   Iwate Prefectural University, Vice President, 2012.04 -2016.03

·   Iwate Prefectural University,  Distinguished Professor 2016.04-

Academic Society Affiliations

·   Japan Society of Disaster Information Studies, 2008.04 - , JAPAN

·   Virtual Reality Society of Japan, 2008.04 - , JAPAN

·  Information Processing Society of Japan, 1988.09 - , JAPAN

·   The Institute of Electric Information and Communication Society, 1988.09 - , JAPAN

·   Associatiation of Computer Machinery, 1985.09 - , JAPAN

·   Institute of Electrics and Electronic Engineering, 1985.09 - , JAPAN

Topic:Perspective of Resilient Network Technology for Large Scale Disaster

Recently serious natural disasters such as earthquake, Tsunami, typhoon and hurricane have occurred at many places around the world. The East Japan Great Earthquake on March 11 in 2011 brought more than nineteen thousand victims and destroyed huge number of houses, buildings, loads and seaports over the wide area of Northern Japan. Information networks and systems and electric power lines were also severely damaged by the great Tsunami. The functions as highly developed information society and resident’s safe and trust lives were completely lost. Thus, through the lessons from this great earthquake, more robust and resilient information network becomes one of the significant subjects. In this talk, our information network recovery activity on the East Japan Great Earthquake is explained. Then the problems of current information network systems are analyzed and pointed out the systems and functions required to improve as large scale disaster information network. Next we focus on perspective of resilient network technologies, such as Software Defined Network, Delay Tolerant Network, Cognitive Wireless Network, Drone Network. Finally we explain our suggested Never Die Network (NDN) which is based on the above resilient network technologies.